One of the bad parts of trying to be a competitive cyclist at a stage of life when work and family remain a big part of each day is how to fit in the training. Realistically if I want to get to where I need to be to achieve at least some of my goals I have to consistently ride 600km per week.......... while this is another year or so away yet I still need to get through some reasonable km's. In winter trying to get it all done on the road is simply impossible, especially when you drive 2 hours a day just transiting to/from work. The solution is indoor training and for me this means a turbo trainer........ however have you ever stared at a wall for an hour or two or tried to train watching generic TV? To put it simply it's bloody boring so I went in search of something that could make me suffer a little more enjoyably (weird concept I know) and also a lot more effectively. As a result I discovered The Sufferfest training videos:

Not only do these video's SERIOUSLY keep you interested they are also bloody hard knacker! If you need to make the most of lots of indoor training and want to focus on ways to make the most of it when limited for time then these are one of the best options to look at in my opinion.

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So if the turbo is getting you down or you don't have a way of getting in the road km's you want go download a video from the team at The Sufferfest and give it a crack, I doubt you'll be disappointed, in fact it's probably a safe bet you'll have the lot downloaded in a month or two..........