A snapshot of different cycling photos and events:

Post climb, still breathing and victorious...... planning to do it once a year just to prove that any other hill is nothing :)

Climbing Mt Ruapehu up Mountain Rd, the only sealed Hors Category climb in NZ....... well I just had to, I figured it was asking for it.

Loved these roads around Taihape, got a bit of cycling in while Ruth was doing her Half Marathon and we had a bit of a family long weekend away.

2014 The REV, February @ 100km. Another good ride, almost hung onto the lead bunch but dropped at 20km to go and finished with Tong (to my left) in the 2nd bunch, awesome riding with good friends!

Signing in for the The REV at the new Avantidrome, first time the boys had seen track racing........... might have to give it a crack myself at some point in the future :O

2014 Bike the Lake - Rotorua Festival of Cycling, February @ 84km. Aside from a tactical mistake at the first hill where I lost the first bunch I spent most of the time leading out our bunch with another chap then had a good sprint to the finish above.

2014 Tour de Ranges, January @ 110km. I had found my form again..... rode tactically for 90km in the 2nd bunch, did my share then broke away with 4 others from the top of Snake Hill and stayed ahead all the way to the finish.

Post race with Ruth, she did an amazing job finishing, double her biggest distance to date, so proud :). I went okay but couldn't control the heart rate post illness and eventually fell in and finished with group 3.

2013 Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, November @ 157km. Feeling like crap after a fortnight of being crook and decidedly unsure how my biggest race since being back on the bike was going to go.

Where would we be without a drugs stash..... thank God for Tanya and Grange..... hehehehehe

Date ride........ yep we are a little disturbed :/

Out riding with Ruthie and I end up fixing 3 punctures for her in all of 5 or so kilometres......... bloody dicey rim tape.

Shiny new wheels, all this new fangled technology is taking a bit to get used to but it sure as hell helps make a difference when you use it right!

Encouraging the next generation into the saddle :)

2013 Winter Series - Hamilton, August @ 80km, Webby to my right..... seriously considering this to be a shit idea at the time given it was cold as hell (middle of winter) and raining steadily..... on a plus note I hammered it home after initiating a breakaway thanks to Grange and Aidan's support.... (FYI - At this point I had lost 10kg and was down to 87kg after 12 months back on the bike)

2013 Winter Series - Cambridge, August @ 70km, is that my foo foo that just fell out??? Dropped again 5km from the end but set a good time and was only dropped after trying a solo breakaway :P

The Whitley pain cave set up for a nightly training session.......

What happens when a still somewhat overweight cyclist meets the creations of the team @ The Sufferfest.......... some day I will make you pay for the delightful pain and agony that you inflict on me...........

Having convinced myself this was now going to be a permanent endeavour and with the blessings of my lovely wife I was allowed to invest in a shiny new steed, my Avanti Corsa DR2, full carbon race geometry with Ultegra 6700 Groupset.......... very happy chappie! Except now I had no excuses for not keeping up with Graham.....

2013 Taupo to Rotorua Flyer, April @ 100km...... I thought it was going to go well...... which it did, for the first 70km after that it was a solo slug fest through the hills into Rotorua, that'd teach me to get dropped......

Post race, this time feeling remarkably good and very happy with my time hence the cheese :P

70km's into the 2013 Tour de Ranges sitting #3 in the bunch having done a few pulls at the front, feeling good enough to give the big thumbs up to the family :)

2013 Tour de Ranges, January @ 110km, all lined up and ready to go.

Post race, shattered but defiant (the only thing holding me up is the bike) and happy to have finished.

Before the first race in 16 years - Bike the Lake, October 2012 @ 84km, I'm the grinning mug in the blue, the dashing chap in the Air Force kit is my good mate Graham.

The initial steed a 2009 EMC2 Etape Elect - Aluminium & Carbon with STI Tiagra - technology that was only just starting when I had given cycling away! Will always remember this bike for getting me back on the tarmac again, wish I could've held onto it forever :)