About Me

Hmmmm so where to start???

I grew up in rural New Zealand in a little place called Waiuku. I was lucky enough to be brought up living on a small farm and through primary school enjoyed the fun of Calf Club days, random camping expeditions on farms with friends, rural sports clubs and a level of roaming freedom we would probably never consider for our kids in the current modern society.

After leaving high school I decided further education wasn't really my thing and unlike the majority of my mates who headed to university I decided to join the NZ military which led to a phenomenal 7 years in which I served my country and had the pleasure to work with the most amazing group of people, many of which will be greater friends to me than they probably ever realize (I'm rather crap at the friend part myself but they're AWESOME)!

Since the uniformed days I have worked across several jobs for several companies and again have been remarkably lucky in employment where I have enjoyed every role and team I have been a part of. The only downside has been that due to my work ethic I have a terrible propensity to working long hours with long travel times and while this might be great from a career recognition and promotion aspect it has certainly had it's effect on my life and in a round about way is what has led me to write this little blog.

Nowadays I am a 36 year old Kiwi bloke with a gorgeous wife and two rambunctious boys of 8 and 7 who keep me thinking on my feet and funnily enough after much shifting around over the years I live not far from where I grew up (something I would have been appalled to consider at high school). My boys are getting to grow up in a community which I believe is true to the good old NZ values (not to mention a school that still has Calf Club days......... which seemed a good idea at the time but as a parent I now see why Mum and Dad used to get stressed......). I'm kinda hoping this will be a good thing in the long run as it seemed to work for me!

For me this is a chance to explain what is now a big part of my life, where it came from, why I have come full circle and what my goals are for the future....... most importantly as well how it has affected my family and what I think it means to us all in the long run.

So have a read if you are so inclined and come along for the ride (yeah yeah I know, cheap joke......) because I'm really excited about what might be around the next corner (ohhhh this is way too easy)...... and just maybe by sharing my experiences I can help inspire a few people to try something similar as so many people who are my personal heroes have done for me.