Free for All......

Please feel free to post away on this page, discussion is always fun but please don't be offended if I moderate any posts that I think are getting out of hand :/


  1. Love your work Matt...very cool and very inspiring. Mel X

  2. I am very proud of you my dear husband. Your dedication, determination and grit over the past few years have been the making of you as a cyclist once again and I am proud to ride by your side. But seriously, can we stop with the Sufferfest videos?! I'm sure one day I am going to fall off the bike during one of our training sessions and not be able to get up again! I am looking forward to many more cycling and racing adventures...and maybe just maybe one day I will beat you! (probably in my dreams but hey a girl has to live in hope right?) The boys will love reading over this as they are growing up, and I know that this blog of your journey will give them the inspiration to carry on the cycling gene in the family themselves...or at least give them the inspiration to stay active in their lives. Forevermore on the wheels babe (except for when you have jobs to do!) :)